Mue Studiowhich is a collaboration between Minjin Kang and Mijoo Kimas a creative duo, have partnered with Adobe Stock and Adobe Dimension Team to visualize one of the Design Trends for 2020. We have been asked to create a set of tutorials and other creative works centered around the trend, Semi-Surreal, and the corresponding free collection of assets on Adobe Stock.
Dive into another world with the Free Semi-Surreal 3D collection. Check out these assets on Adobe Stock. 

Leaves on Water Tutorial: Placement and Composition (Part 1)
Step 1: Position the main walls
Step 2: Add the staircase, floor and back wall
Step 3: Bring in the leaves
Step 4: Render the Leaves on Water scene (scene 1)
Leaves on Water Tutorial: Camera and Lighting (Part 2)
Step 1: Use a camera bookmark
Step 2: Add natural lighting
Step 3: Enhance the lighting
Step 4: Render the Leaves on Water scene (scene 2)

Leaves on Water Tutorial: Materials and Colors (Part 3)
Step 1: Enhance the interior elements
Step 2: Add a water effect​​​​​​​
Step 3: Adjust the leaves
Step 4: Render Leaves on Water scene (final scene)
Partnership with Adobe Stock and Adobe Dimension
3D Image Design & Tutorials: Minjin Kang & Mijoo Kim by Mue Studio


Stay tuned and we will share additional creative works with you along with more information about our creative backgrounds and history. 
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